Verbe Du Jour online!
  • Written by Sam
  • January 13th, 2015
  • Subject: Code

Verbe Du Jour online!

  • Sam
  • darkFunction
  • 2015/1/13
  • Code
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I’ve hacked together a new site in Flask to assist with learning French. The idea is that a new verb is chosen every day, and users are able to see all conjugations as well as search for other verbs. It has been great using Flask- it takes (almost) all of the pain out of web development. Definitely recommended! Clicky click: Learn French and Conjugate Your Verbs!


Been getting really good feedback over at Duolingo and Reddit, it’s really encouraging.

Edit 2

And a massive Thank You to Audrey for patiently error checking my sources and recording ~1200 audio samples!

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