A change of direction...

November 18, 2011

It’s been a while since I updated the sprite editor. It hasn’t been abandoned, but I’m giving myself a change of scenery for a while, as there always seems to be another feature looming around the corner, dragging a fresh net of bugs behind it. The project has given me a new level of respect for the software development process, and a better understanding of my abilities and boundaries when taking on solo projects. Most of all I am extremely proud of the tool and thrilled that it is out there in the big wide world for people to use. A big thank you to everyone who has given positive and critical feedback, without that there would have been no motivation to continue.

I just got my hands on a shiny new Macbook Pro and I’m eager to jump back into iPhone development (outside the office!). I’m keeping an eye out for freelance opportunities, but I’ve also got the seed of a game germinating in my mind… More to come on that in future posts!